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Pearls - The Gem of All Gems (Article 18-12)

Scripture makes many references to pearls. For example, in Matthew 13:45-46, Christ presents a parable that reads 45 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. 46 When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it." As I often reflect on this parable, I see that it has many dimensions to it; however, before we discuss these dimensions, let’s first discuss the parable’s vernacular meaning. This parable describes a merchant who spends much of his life looking for elegant pearls. In ancient Roman times, pearls were highly treasured due them being so rare. In fact, pearls were valued higher than gold and even gems such as emeral

Does Your Heart Mourn For the Lost? (Article 18-11)

As a believer in Jesus Christ, can you truly say you are His Disciple? Of those things we are called to do as disciples, we need to focus on two things. First, we must, without exception, abide in Christ for all things and in the process become like Christ. If we truly say Christ is “Our Lord”, then we must act accordingly. We must petition Christ for answers to all our questions in our quest to find the truth; to guide our steps; and to be righteous (in right standing with God). Second, discipleship calls us to lead our lost brothers and sisters to Him, for whether we do or not, the outcome is eternal. Christ Asks Us An Important Question. In 1 John 4:20, Christ asked His disciples

Do You Love Bread As Much As I Do? (Article 18-10)

Today, we see countless charity and non-charity organizations working toward feeding and clothing what seems to be an endless supply of people who ail from the effects of poverty. This is not only true today, but was also true during Jesus’ time on earth. I suspect you, as I do, feel inadequate and overwhelmed in meeting the needs of the poor. However, let me offer a different perspective in feeding the hungry. Yes, we as believers are called to feed the poor, but also know that the bread we should feed them is not to just meet their physical needs, but more importantly, their spiritual needs. Our aim should always to feed man by leading them to the “Bread of Life,” for if we as discipl

Fighting the Good Fight (18-9)

Are you having to cope with a mundane routine of toil and work, only to see your efforts achieve little more than to sustain your existence? Are you at a point where you are questioning what life is all about, wondering if whether where you are in life is as good as it gets? Do begin to question whether true and meaningful happiness exists and if so, is it achievable? Do you feel that you are living a purposeful life – a life that has meaning and is somehow making a difference? For many, I suspect those reading this do ask these questions and the answers we come up with are discouraging and down-right depressing to consider. How do I suspect this to be the case? Because I routinely ask

Having the Right Perspective Is Everything (Article 18-8)

One of Satan's greatest lies and deceptions is that in order to be happy (content), we must pursue a material-based life. He deceives us by tempting us to believe that the pursuit and accumulation of material wealth is path to true and lasting happiness; however, as Christians, God tells all of us that it is not the world and the things in it we must turn to be content. He tells us that becoming a godly person is what brings great gain – not in the material realm, as many of have grown to believe, but rather in a spiritual realm. What Scripture Tells Us. Paul addresses this point in a letter to Timothy at Ephesus. In his letter, he points out that true and lasting contentment comes from b

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