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Can We Trust Anyone? (Article 19-11)

At times, I find trusting people to be a taxing and emotionally trying endeavor. I often give people the benefit of the doubt and believe their intentions are true to their word or expressed intent. Far too often, though, I find myself at the "short end of the stick." Can we really trust people? After all, trust is at the foundation of every meaningful relationship, is it not? Should we not be able to trust our husband or wife? Should we not trust our mother or father? How about our siblings? Can we trust our spiritual leaders and mentors? In short, if we cannot trust, then is having a fulfilling relationship with another even achievable? What Scripture Tells Us About Trusting Other

Experiencing Christ In The Psalms of King David (Article 19-10)

In response to my wife’s invitation, I am revisiting King David’s writings in the Book of Psalms – His beautiful hymns of praise to God. Right from the beginning, Psalms speak of God's greatness, His goodness and mercy; His power and justice. King David pours out his heart in these Psalms and avows his sincerest and purest trust in God alone. Although not all the Psalms were composed by King David, that being some being composed by Abraham, Moses and others, King David collected them all and added the psalms of his own which he had composed by Divine inspiration. As I read through Psalms, I see King David’s good advice, showing the way of true happiness through virtue and the fulfillment of

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