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Understanding Our Spiritual Power (Article 19-19)

As a young boy, I had a deep admiration for law enforcement officials – whether it be local or state police or those serving in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. To this day, I respect their commitment to public safety and enforcing the law. In retrospect, though, I have always been impressed with the authority and power invested in law enforcement officials. With just the flicking on of blue lights, police offers have the power to stop a car. Now that I’m older, however, I understand that “power” and “authority” have different meanings. For example, a police officer has the power to pull over a car; however, he does not have the “authority” to do so. His authority is given to him

Gifts of the Holy Spirit - What, Why, and How (Article 19-18)

Over recent months, I have been moved to write much on the Holy Spirit. There are many misconceptions about what the Holy Spirit is and does. First to note is that the Holy Spirit is not an “it,” but a “He.” He, an equal and divine God Head, is God’s power and active force to serve His own purpose. (Micah 3:8; Luke 1:​35). God sends out the Holy Spirit (His Spirit) to any place to accomplish his will​—Psalm 104:30; 139:7. The Holy Spirit molds and shapes us by way of instruction and teachings to God’s will, which is to be one with Him. It’s also essential understand that until Christ’s ascension into heaven followed by the Day of the Pentecost there was no way to commune directly with G

Demonstrating Our Faith - What Does This Mean? (Article 19-17)

We know that faith, our active trust in Jesus Christ to be the pinnacle of our salvation. One of the best sources of scripture in understanding how to demonstrate our faith is in the Book of James. Although not an early believer in Christ, James (Christ's half-brother) became a believer after Christ's resurrection. In writing his epistle, James writes to one central theme. That theme is how to demonstrate our faith and, in so doing, speaks to many ways we should demonstrate our genuine faith in Christ. James speaks to true faith as: Demonstrating Our Commitment to Godliness In Good and Bad Times. In the first chapter, James begins his epistle by teaching us that true faith is based on o

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