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Jesus - The Light of the World (Article 20-6)

In John 8:1-12, we read about Jesus returning from the Mount of Olives, to partake in the Tabernacle Ceremonies in Jerusalem, which was one of the annual Jewish holidays. Christ was aware that the Jewish Priests were actively seeking ways to arrest him. On one occasion, they brought a woman in front of him who had been caught in committing adultery. By doing so, The Jewish leaders and Pharisees aimed to trap Jesus into saying something they could use against him, thus giving them cause to arrest him. With the woman presented in front of Jesus, the Jewish Leaders and Pharisees stated to Jesus, “Teacher,” this woman was caught in the very act of adultery. The Law of Moses says we must kill

Living in America - How is it Possible to Be Unhappy? (Article 20-4)

In the ministry, and life in general, I (as I suspect we all do), meet many unhappy people in our country. We meet many having unhappy marriages or unfulfilling relationships. Others are disappointed or upset with their children, parents, employers, and friends. Still, others are unhappy with themselves because of failure or problems they can’t seem to overcome. Well, the typical response I hear most saying is “that’s life.” But is it really? To believe that we’re to accept the cards we’re dealt without understanding why we have the hand we do suggests God is okay with us being unhappy. And, that our call is just to “push through” life, the problems it brings, and to accept “it is, what

Salvation - Is Your Faith High Enough? (Article 20-5)

According to the PEW Research Center, there’s a steady decline in the number of Protestant (down 7% since 2009) and Catholic (down 3% since 2009) believers in the United States with a rise in the agnostic and atheist population. However, I have another concern. Of those who profess to be “believers” how many are really saved? Why do I ask this question? It is my view that if people claiming to be Christians are saved by way of “saving faith,” things would be much, much different in our country by way of what we value, how we behave, and how we express our love for one another. Anything other than "saving faith" is not genuine, thus being "superficial" in nature. Superficial versus Savin

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