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How Important is the "Word"? (Article 18-17)

If you’re like me, I tend to stack order things in life in terms of significance and importance. With this, I get a sense of what is important, what and how I should prioritize things, what I must focus on, and how to spend my time. I sometimes do the same in trying to understand God and who He is in relation to the trinity e.g. the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. However, as I study scripture, I realize that I sometimes forget the importance of God’s “Word” as it relates to knowing God. I frequently must remind myself that without God’s “Word” it is impossible to understand and know God. Without the “Word”, I'm merely standing in a mud puddle trying to explain what’s in the ocean. Without the “Word” I must remember that I can never know Jesus Christ.

The “Word” Explained In Scripture. John 1:1 tells us that in the very beginning of time was “the Word” and “the Word” was with God. But most importantly to note is that this verse reveals that “the Word” is God. See, the Word and God are one in the same. Everything we know to exist, visible and invisible, was created by the “Word”, for God is the “Word” and the “Word” is God. Without the “Word”, nothing can exist. The “Word” makes all things possible, and it is only by the “Word” can we know God. In fact, Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the “Word” is a “living” and “powerful” thing. It's not just the uttering of sounds that come from mouths to facilitate communication and understanding between people. As it relates to God, the "Word" is a supreme, all-powerful and all-present universal force with an eternal beginning and no end. In fact, Hebrews 4:12 describes the Word as being “sharper than any two-edge sword”. So sharp is the Word of God, it pierces and divides the soul and the spirit; it divides the joints and the marrow of our bodies; and it dissects every thought we have and every intent of our hearts. Nothing can hide from the Word, for the Word is God and nothing can hide from God. Think about this for a minute. In a physical sense, the Word can split atoms (and even subatomic particles scientists refer to as the “God Particle”). It penetrates all matter, which includes the bone marrow where the cells of our body are produced. This is why the “Word” can heal the body (as well as the spirit). There is no physical mass that God cannot penetrate and be present. He is everywhere and in everything. See, although the soul and spirit are invisible, and the joints and marrow are covered and hid, so sharp and quick sighted and penetrating is God’s Word, that it reaches the most secret and hidden things of all that has been created. Nothing can be hidden from God: Absolutely nothing. All things are made naked by the Word, thus seen by God. So, what does all this have to do with Jesus Christ?

Christ is Word. Matthew 17: 5-8 instructs us to hear (listen to) the Words of Christ and only Christ’s Words. This is to be understood as meaning that Christ is the Word of God, thus the essence of God. It is by way of Christ that the words of truth are introduced and made known to man, thus giving us the reason why we should take care in hearing and following the Word (God). Christ is the author, the sum, and the substance of the “Word”, thus the substance and essence of the one and only almighty living God. As believers and disciples of Christ, we must never fall away from the “Word” for if we do, we fall away from God. The Word exactly agrees with Christ, for He is "the Word of God" and is God. It is by His Words we are given the covenant (promise) of grace. It is by the “Word” of our living Redeemer and Mediator, and Giver of eternal life, that all things are sustained; man's redemption is made possible; and His followers are protected and preserved. It is by the “Word” of Christ that provides continuous and relentless advocacy and intercessions on our behalf (1 John 2). It is from His mouth that a sharp sword will strike down nations and place them under His eternal rule (Revelation 19:15). It is by His spoken words “It is finished” (John 19:30) that proclaims to the universe, and everything in it, that His believers and followers are set apart (sanctified) from everything and are given everlasting life.

Words Are Powerful. Yes, words are powerful, even the ones we speak; however, nothing reigns supreme to God’s Word and those spoken by the One He Sent. So now the only questions that remain are whether we are committed to hearing the “Word”? Are we committed to reading it? Are we committed to speaking it? Are we committed to following it? Above all, are we committed to believing and trusting the Word? For if we don’t, we don’t believe and trust in Christ.

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